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Q: What kind of Church are you?
A: We are a church that believes that the Bible has the answers for daily life. We believe in helping out the underprivileged in our community. We believe in not judging others while not compromising on Biblical truths. We feed the poor, pray for the sick, help people keep their marriages together, and help parents and youth. Our goal is to get to Heaven, bringing as many people with us as we can, and having fun on the way.

Q: Are you a bunch of "Bible-thumpers" and "holy rollers?"
A: While Pastor Shewchuk has never hit anyone over the head with a Bible yet, we do believe the Bible word-for-word. The only time he's been a holy roller is when he fell while skiing, but we do believe in the gifts and the power of the Holy Spirit.

Q: If we come to church, do we have to accept everything you teach?
A: No. Pastor Shewchuk regularly preaches not to go only by what he says, but to check it out for yourself.
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